Quick How to Play Dota 2 Guide

Dota is a highly indepth and competitive game with numerous parts that must be learned for starting players. To take all of it in at once can be overwhelming so here is a quick simplified guide to on how to play Dota 2.

Dota 2 is a 5 versus 5 game in which the goal is to destroy the enemy teams ancient and anything else that stands in your way, whether it be towers, barracks or enemy heroes.

The ancient is is located in the enemy teams base, which will be on the opposite side of the map of where your hero spawns.


Step. 1 Choose a Hero

Dota 2 Hero List

Before the match begins you are going to have to choose the hero that you will use to slaughter and dominate the enemies teams heroes for the duration of the match.

The high amount of heroes available can make choosing one difficult for a new player. Check out our guide for the best heroes for beginners.


Step 2. Get familiar with your hero interface.

Dota 2 Interface

If you thought that Dota would be a simple game to learn, one quick look at the interface will show you otherwise.

Once your hero spawns there will be numerous parts of your user interface that you will have to become familiar with if you plan to be successful in the world Dota.


Step 3. Purchase items

Dota 2 Shop Menu

Items are the backbone of your hero.

Starting with only 625 gold you will only be able to purchase a limited set of items.

As a beginner, start by purchasing only the suggest items and as you become more experienced you can begin branching out and trying different items.

Check out the list of dota 2 items and what they do.

At the start of the game purchase the items in the the starting items section which is done by first left clicking shop button.

Followed by right clicking the starting items to purchase them and place them in your heroes inventory.

If you however are not in your base or more specifically your well, the items you purchase will not go into your heroes inventory but rather your heroes stash.

Items in your stash can be retrieved by going back to base or can be delivered by courier.

LoL-Dota Courier

Note, that items must be in your heroes inventory for you to receive the benefits of that item


Step 4. Choose a lane

Dota 2 Lanes

Your goal is to destroy the enemy teams base and ancient at the opposite side of the map.

To get to the base there are 3 main paths

Once you have chosen your hero and purchased your starting items, then its now time to choose the lane that you will attack, defend and farm.

Choose the Top Lane or the Bottom lane.

In these lanes you typically will have a teammate to help support you, while in middle lane it’s you alone which can be more difficult for a beginning player.


Step 5. Farm, Kill and Push like a Mad Man

Dota 2 Attacking Tower

After choosing the lane that you would like to destroy, follow your creep wave until it reaches the enemy creep wave. This is where your battle begins.

At this point focus on getting the very last hit on enemy creeps so as that you receive the gold for that creep kill.

If you do not get the last hit on the creep you will not receive any gold. You will also be faced with enemy heroes.

They do not go down as easily as creeps and will pose the greatest danger in your lane.

Harass them best you can with your right click auto attack and hero abilities while also last hitting creeps for gold.

Try your best to secure hero kills and tower kills, all while protecting you, your teammates and towers from succumbing to a dark demise.

If you die, or the enemy hero dies, they will be faced with a respawn timer to think on their sins and then will be reborn, able to return to the lane for revenge.

During your path of destruction leaving heroes and creeps in your path, you will receive hero experience that will allow you to level up your skills.

At level 6, 11, and 16 you will have access to your ultimate ability and then the fun begins.

This is why it is important to learn dota 2 farming 101 and how to farm more efficiently with your dota hero.


Step 6. Get Beefy…Real Beefy

Huskar On Fire

Use the gold that you receive from last hitting creeps to purchase stronger, more expensive items.

The experience you gained will have increased the effectiveness of your hero and its abilities to greater heights.

With the combination of this, you will be able to extinguish the lives of both heroes and creeps alike more quickly and efficiently.

Allowing you to purchase even more and more items.


Step.7 Destroy…Everything

attacking dota ancient

Your hero has gotten stronger and so has your teammates heroes.

Now its time, time to Destroy everything. Destroy the towers that protects them. Destroy their heroes, Destroy the barracks and increase the strength of your creeps.

And finally, destroy their ancient. The only reason they are still the game.

And for good measure, destroy their courier. There wont be any more delivery of items on this day.

attacking courier dota

Then when it is all said and done and their nothing left in their base but rubble. Hit that Enter key and type GGWP, marking the end of your Dota 2 match.



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Quick How to Play Dota 2 Guide

Dota is a highly indepth and competitive game with numerous parts that must be learned for starting players. To take all of it in at once can be overwhelming so here is a quick simplified guide to on how to play Dota 2. Dota 2 is a 5 versus 5 game in which the goal is to destroy the enemy teams … [Read More...]

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