Top 6 Beginner Heroes In Dota 2

Dota 2 has a wealth of details and phases to the game but one of the most crucial phases to the game is the hero selection.

Sure when it comes to hero selection at the professional level there is hero selecting, hero counter picking and her band.

However when you are still at the beginner level you shouldn’t worry about this until you have a more firm grasp of the game mechanics.

One of those mechanics being picking and playing a hero. Then understanding that hero to its full extent.

This is why when you choose a hero to play with you don’t want one that is overly complicated.

I am looking at you Invoker.

You want a hero that is simple, and easy to grasp for beginners.

So for you I have listed the Top 6 Beginner Heroes.

Skeleton King

All hail the undead of king of Dota.

This hero is located in the strength hero section of the hero select screen and is limited to melee range.

With this hero it can not get much simpler. Even though he has 4 abilities that are required to be leveled up, only one is an active ability that requires you to press a keybind.

The rest of his abilities are passives that increases his overall hero strength without requiring you to fumble over keybinds.

Stun the hero you would like to die, then right click to engage auto attack, rinse and repeat until the enemy hero bows before their king.

The best part of this hero for new players is his ultimate ability that can be leveled at level 6, 11, and 16.

Reincarnation AKA Please sir I want some more, this ability revives Skeleton king when he dies and slows all heroes in the immediate vicinity.

Essentially meaning that Skeleton king has a to die twice, giving beginning player more room to make mistakes.

Take note however that there are two cases in which reincarnation will not activate. If Skeleton King had less than 140 mana when he died, or his ultimate was still on cooldown from prior use.

So before you pull a Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins into a group of thirsty enemy heroes, be sure that your ultimate is off cooldown and that you have sufficient mana.



A tanky initiator from the deep blue sea and unlike Skeleton King whose role is to deal a magnitude of damage with his single targeted stun and right click auto attacks.

This hero is based around being the first into battle and stunning multiple heroes with his ultimate.

Due to this role, Tidehunter’s ability known as Kraken shell. An ability that reduces physical damage taken and removes negative buffs from the hero, makes tidehunter difficult to kill, even without purchasing items.

This allows new players to stay in battle longer and thus getting more experience of how team battles look and work.

His ultimate ability which stuns a large area around Tidehunter means that new players can contribute greatly to team fights and with the large radius of the attack makes it difficult to miss even for the newest of players.


lichLich is a range intelligence hero that is typically used as a support.

A support is a hero that doesn’t focus on farming gold, and killing heroes but helps his team by doing his best to keep them alive.

This is done by purchasing wards to provide vision of areas that enemy heroes may be lurking and pressuring other heroes in the lane phase so as that teammates can farm more easily.

So what makes Lich a beginner hero? First of all Lich is a range hero, so you do not have to get close to do damage, which avoids putting you in harms way.

Lich has a base movement speed of 315, making this hero one of the fastest heros in the game. Use this speed to your advantage.

As for his abilities, though it is not limited to one skill like Skeleton king, all of them are straightforward and easy to grap.

Frost Blast, which is your main nuking ability does damage and slow the hero. Any enemies around the hero that you cast this on will slight damage and slow.

Ice Armor, cast this spell on you or your teammates. Ice armor increases armor which reduces physical damage taken and also slows down the attacker.

Sacrifice, Instantly kills any creep and gives Lich mana. The amount of mana Lich receives depends on the amount of health the creep had when it was sacrificed.

Chain Frost, This is Lich’s ultimate and the way it works is that when casted on a hero or creep will do damage and slow.

It will then bounce to nearby heroes and creeps damaging and slowing each target. The spell will bounce a certain amount of times or until no enemies are around.

To harass in lane, cast frost blast on the enemy hero then auto attack a few times. Retreat then Sacrifice a creep to regain mana.

Rinse and repeat.

Save the ultimate for teamfights when heroes are bunched up. Cast it, and watch the damage fly.

Ogre Magi


Are you the gambling type, the type that likes to go all or nothing? Are you and lady luck the best of friends?

Then this intelligence hero is perfect for you as a beginner. Similar to to Skeleton king this heros gameplay revolves around his stun, with a little twist. His ultimate.

When you cast his stun on a target hero, there is a chance to cast the stun multiple time doing multiple instances of the damage and stun.

At level 16 the ultimate has the following chances

Chance to cast at least twice: 50%
Chance to cast at least three times: 25%
Chance to cast four times:12.5%

This means that you have a 12.5 percent chance of causing a player to..

So if you are the type of player that cares about the emotions of your opponent and that at the end of the game they are happy and cheerful, don’t pick Ogre Magi.

Another benefit of this hero for beginner players is that Ogre Magi has a high strength gain.

And since the strength stat is responsible for how much health points a hero has, Ogre magi will have a naturally high health pool without any items.



An agility hero that will leave you enemies thinking that you must be hacking. How else could one hero have such a long attack range.

Sniper has the longest range of any hero in the game. During the laning phase if you play conservatively and use the heros range to your advantage you will be fine.

Sniper has 2 active skills, which like his auto attack, has long range.

Sharpnel, an ability that does damage in an area over time and Assassinate, the don’t try to run skill.

Assassinate has a very long range, and simple to use. Is the hero low health? Is he trying to escape? Then Assassinate.

This allows beginning player to focus more on positioning, than what spells to cast and when.

The down side with this hero is that he dies easily when caught out of position. This will reinforce the importance of map awareness and hero positioning into new players.

Crucial skills to have if you want to take your skills to the next level.



I know I may receive some flak for this but I had to put the invisible assassin known as Riki as a top beginner hero.

This hero is cable is dealing a massive amount of damage through blink strike and backstab.

Two abilities that work extremely well in conjunction with his 3rd ability smoke screen.

A large cloud of smoke that prevents heroes from casting spells, slows their movement speed and increases their miss chance while they are in its area.

But the ability Riki is known for is his ultimate. Permanent invisibility.

This hero will remain invisible throughout the game and is only revealed when he attacks or by a select few items such as revelation wards, Dust of Appearance and Gem of True Sight.

The reason I place this hero as a top beginner hero is that at early levels in public games, other players don’t like to spend the gold to counter invisibility.This gives you a huge advantage.

They will typically spend the gold when you are already on a rampage of kills which at that point your hero has become too strong to be stopped.

So these are my recommendations on the top beginner heroes…What are yours?


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